Mataji Katie is the Spiritual Head of Transformation Center CT, which offers group workshops and trainings, as well as individual sessions, for those seeking healing, spiritual growth and personal transformation.  As a Transformation Coach, Katie has a passion for empowering people to recognize their awesomeness and to use their innate abilities to reach their highest potential. She believes that we all have what we need inside of us, and that we are whole, complete and resourceful.   Her coaching will enable you to first identify and fully express what is most important to you.


Mataji Katie is also a Shamanic Practitioner, offering healing sessions that will allow you to let go of old or blocked energy and patterns that are not currently serving you. The session will also bring back power to you that had been lost due to painful experiences during your life.  Katie's calm strength and nurturing manner will leave you feeling lighter, more self-aware and empowered.

Mataji Katie Augustyn

Spiritual Head of Transformation Center CT in Westport, CT

Certified Professional Coach - Coaching for Transformation

Master Healer - One Light Healing Touch

M.A. Organizational Leadership - The Graduate Institute

Shamanic Healing Practitioner - Certified with Ahalya Running Deer

Cable TV Show Host - The Katie Augustyn Spiritual Connection Show


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Radha Cathy French

Spiritual Head of the Mahavatar Babaji Mystery School of New England

Certified Professional Coach - Coaching for Transformation

Certified Instructor and Practitioner - One Light Healing Touch

Certified Practitioner - Alchemical Hypnotherapy
Shamanic Healing Practitioner

Radha has been an active explorer on the path of spirituality and healing since 1992. Her work deeply resonates with the wisdom traditions and includes ancient, shamanic, and contemporary healing modalities. Actively pursuing the world of healing and spirituality, she has worked with many healers and teachers. Her deepest gratitude goes to Samyama Flowering Tree.  

She is the Spiritual Head of the Mahavatar Babaji Mystery School of New England.

Her study in coaching and eastern philosophy has deepened and broadened her professional work to include private energy healing sessions, coaching and mentoring, in addition to leading private retreats, Intensives, workshops, and healer training schools.

Ahalya Baguio

Master Practitioner and NLP International Coach with New Code by

     John Grinder and Michael Carroll

Over 35 years of Professional Mentoring

20 years as a Human Potential Trainer

Over 50 years of focused study in Higher Consciousness with Teachers           and Masters of different modalities and traditions

Head of The HARI OM TAT SAT Hermitage

Head of Self-Mastery and Shamanism

Ahalya's mission is Service to Humanity through Personal Evolution.  Her approach for Self-Mastery was created through study of eastern occult doctrine, yoga philosophy, metaphysics and shamanism over the last 50 yrs. Self-Mastery and Shamanism is a powerful  combination that focuses on accessing a higher power to develop your own wisdom. As a Medicine woman Ahalya does not give you the answers, she points you in the direction to find the answers yourself; accelerating your journey to Self-Mastery with Shamanic guidance so you can see yourself unlimited in creating the life you love.

We are Cause. The more we master ourselves the more we can contribute to the world. Self-mastery and Shamanism are both paths to higher Consciousness that provide the structure and tools to create lasting inner change for the better.

Ahalya offers an online Self-Mastery and Shamanism seminar, Shamanic healing Sessions, private mentoring, and live immersions. Visit www.AhalyaBaguio.com or reach out to support@ahalyabaguio.com for more information.