Awaken to your true potential.

Create a life you love, a life of meaning and purpose.

Heal what is holding you back and be who you are meant to be.

What are you waiting for?  Contact us now for a complimentary introductory conversation.

Transformation Center CT was created to allow you to awaken to your true potential and recognize and heal what has been holding you back. We can help you experience real self-acceptance. You will start to live in alignment with who you truly are so you can become the fullest expression of that truth.

You may schedule a private session or attend an online event.

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$88 (1 Session)
$222 (3 Sessions)

Upcoming Events

All in-person sessions take place at 7 Reimer Road, Westport, CT




Shamanic Clinic 

Tuesday, May 11, June 8 ON ZOOM

(held the 2nd Tuesday of each month)

6:30-8:30pm (1/2 hour sessions available)

Satsang -  Sanskrit for "In the Company of Truth"

With Mataji Katie Augustyn, Spiritual Head of Transformation Center CT

Wednesday, April 28, May 26 ~ 6:00-7:00pm

LIVE on ZOOM - Email for Zoom Link

At Satsang this week, we will talk about Freedom and what that means to us. Freedom from Fear allows us to be who we truly are, and opens up limitless possibilities!

Satsang consists of a Talk, Guided Visualization and Chanting, and concludes with Darshan/Blessing.  Raise your vibration and leave feeling renewed and refreshed.  
Offerings of gratitude lovingly received when Darshan (Blessing) is given.

Experience the physical and spiritual benefits of Shamanic Healing.

On the 2nd Tuesday of each month Shamanic Practitioners trained and certified by Medicine Woman Ahalya Baguio, offer the community these sacred healing sessions.

Some benefits of Shamanic work include:

  - Connecting more deeply with your body
  - Reducing stress
  - Helping heal trauma and release emotional blockages
  - Reducing tension and anxiety
  - Boosting the immune system
  - Inducing synchronous brain activity (creating connection between hemispheres)

This relaxing and peaceful method helps clear emotional and psychological hindrances and has been used for thousands of years in all indigenous cultures.   Each personal session ends with a Medicine Drumming.

Limited half-hour sessions available. Reserve yours now. 

We're excited to offer this to our community

for a small suggested donation of $20!

Click here for all Spiritual Connection Show episodes and more:   
Katie Augustyn YouTube Channel
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Be Your Best Self:  Grow, Evolve, Transform

New Dates TBD

11:00 - 3:00pm 

Are you ready to be the best you can be?
Do you want more peace, joy and harmony in your life and relationships?
Would you like to lead a more meaningful life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this new offering is for you.  
•    Access and begin to understand the gifts and guidance from your inner world.  
•    Experience greater self-awareness and spiritual connection.
•    Release energy that is not serving you.  
•    Explore the possibilities that await you and live a fearless life full of meaning!

In these classes, you will learn that you are enough and that there is nothing wrong with you. Through teachings and practices, you will experience letting go of judgment, fear, shame and guilt. You will learn self-care techniques and start to live the life you really want!

One session   -   $108 each

3 session package - $90 each


A Shamanic Experience



Experience Medicine Drumming from an ancient lineage led by Shamanic Practitioners certified by Medicine Woman, Ahalya Running Deer.

  • Learn about Medicine Drumming and what it does for you.

  • Experience Shamanic journeys to non-ordinary reality.

  • Receive the healing benefits of a Dynamic, Transformational Medicine Drumming by Advanced Shamanic Practitioners.

No drum needed – and if you have one, please bring it!

If you would like to buy a drum, email support@ahalyabaguio for recommendations.


Ticket Price – $33 in advance, $40 at door

Cash will be accepted at the event.

        One ticket for $33:                                           Two tickets for $66:

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