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Spiritual Connection TV Show

The Spiritual Connection show is about us connecting with each other, as well as connecting more fully with our own spiritual selves.  You will learn about my guests’ spiritual journeys and what they have to offer, and in the process learn more about yourself. We are all about connection and supporting you on your path!  

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Episode 1 with Radha Cathy French
For the Series Premiere of "Spiritual Connection", Katie Augustyn discusses spirituality with guest Cathy French.
Episode 2 with Gregg Kirk
Gregg Kirk, energy healer, author of "The Gratitude Curve" and founder of the Lyme Recovery Clinic shared his spiritual journey, his recovery from Lyme Disease and how he empowers and assists others in their recovery. An amazing story and person! 
Episode 3 with Becca Filiault
Becca is a spiritual healer and certified yoga therapist focusing in trauma recovery support and emotional healing for women. She is the founder of BodyWise Yoga Therapy, and is helping many people recover from traumatic experiences. Connect with Becca, her story and her passion below.
Episode 4 with Debby Stein
Debby is a certified Reiki Master and trained in Healing Touch techniques, both forms of Energy Therapy. She also practices DISTANT LINKING, an energetic distant healing methodology to serve clients from a distance. Debby has been part of Greenwich Hospital’s Integrative Medicine’s volunteer program in Greenwich, CT since 2007. Learn more about her journey and how energy therapy works on this interesting episode.
Episode 5 with Beth Leas (Part 1)
Beth Leas offers Transformative Healing experiences designed to inspire change on all levels. Join us as Beth shares her journey and discovery of a powerful lifelong practice which helped her to process traumatic events from her childhood and now help people who are feeling stuck step into their power to transform those obstacles into stepping stones.
Episode 6 with Beth Leas (Part 2)
Beth Leas shares the genesis of the TLC Center, which she founded in 1997. The TLC community has evolved over the past 20+ years, and now has over 90 members, who are accredited health and wellness providers offering a wide variety of services and products. Learn what TLC has to offer, including fun events such as the Holistic Happy Hour!