In light of what is currently going on in the world, and the anxiety and discomfort many are experiencing, a group of holistic health practitioners has decided to start a new program called


We are practitioners with a wealth of experience and expertise who want to help.

We see this as a way to utilize our skills and extra time to provide needed services 

in a meaningful and easily accessible way, for much below what we normally receive.

A variety of healing services will be available remotely for a contribution of what you can afford to pay.

Please look through the list below to find a practitioner that matches your needs and

contact them directly to schedule a session. There is limited availability for each practitioner.

For questions or further information, email

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Katie Augustyn

Services offered:

Distance Energy Healing 

Negative emotions, experiences, and patterns of thought all contribute to disrupting our energy flow. Energy Healing is a way to restore that flow so the body, mind and spirit are balanced and function optimally, and so natural self-healing can occur.

Transformation Coaching

Working with a personal coach is a very effective way for you to get clear on what’s important to you, build greater self-awareness, and deal with what is troubling you.

Katie is a Certified Energy Healer, Shamanic Practitioner, Professional Coach, Spiritual Head of the Transformation Center CT and host of the Katie Augustyn Spiritual Connection TV Show. 

Contact Katie to schedule the session of your choice for what you can afford to pay.

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Cathy Lewis French

Are you interested in calming down, feeling better, and making the most of your Life? Cathy works with energy, intuition, and communication so you can feel lighter, more empowered, more relaxed and more yourself. There can also be the departure of pain and other symptoms.

Services Offered:

Long Distance Healing

Combining Shamanism, Angelic Light, Ascended Master Healing, Liquid Light Violet Flame healing, grounding, Connecting to the Light, among many other techniques. We connect over the phone before and after the session so you get the most out of the healing.

Customized Healing Guided Visualization 

(you may record this)

Over the phone you receive a custom session addressing your own specific needs to support you through this Interesting Time. Repeated listenings will amplify the healing.

Combination Coaching and Healing Session  (you may record this)

Using Communication as a Healing Tool we share time over the phone for your support, upliftment, and personal transformation.

Flower Essence Support

Using Green Hope Farm flower essences, Cathy creates a custom blend to address whatever you are needing during this time.

Cathy is a Professional Coach, Energy Healer and Teacher, and Spiritual Mentor. She has been working in this field since 1992.

Contact Cathy to make arrangements to work with her.

203.451.2029 or


Dr. John Crawford

Services offered:

Distance Shamanic Healing
Telemedicine--Chiropractic and Acupuncture 
Shaolin Qi Gong Exercises 
Yoga Nidra Reading
Empowerment Coaching
5th Dimensional Healing (5D wellness mentoring, a combo of all Dr. Crawford offers)


Dr. John Crawford aka Shripati J is a healer and mind/body expert. He is a Chiropractor and Licensed Acupuncturist and teaches Qi Gong and Shaolin Kung Fu. He is a certified Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner, EMT and Empowerment Coach who is also trained in Advanced Metaphysics, Spiritual Alchemy, Eastern visualization, ontological studies, Taoist and Yogic principles and Neuro Linguistic Programming.   He also manages his inspirational Facebook community, "Wake Up to Your Mind,” with over 120,000 followers worldwide.

Contact John to schedule the session of your choice for a suggested contribution of $22, or what you can afford to pay, at 585-698-9611 or

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Gail Christie

Service offered:

Distance Reiki Healing

Reiki distance healing releases stress, balances your energy, strengthens your immune system and awakens your ability to heal. It also has the ability to condense time and space, supplying effective healing in a short amount of time from a remote location. You can arrange for the session at one time and experience the energy healing simultaneously with the transmission or at another time, whenever and wherever you wish. 

Gail Christie is a Holy Fire® III Usui and Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher who uses dōTerra essential oils and guided meditation as an integral part of her practice.

Contact Gail to schedule a Reiki healig session for what you can afford to pay. 

203-979-0918 or 


Julie Punishill

Services offered:

Customized Healing Guided Meditation Session

This session will address your current state and feelings about what is going on and support you in what you need.

Meditation Teaching and Coaching Session

This session will empower you to do more regular meditation on your own and help you get the most benefit from it.

Essential Oil Education and Support Session

Explore how essential oils can support your physical health and emotional wellness.

Julie is a certified Spiritual Life Coach, Meditation Teacher and Essential Oils Coach with dōTERRA

Contact Julie to schedule the session of your choice      for what you can afford to pay.  or 617-851-9773


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Beth Leas

Service offered:

Virtual Transformative Healing - 3o min. session

Some of the tools Beth uses during her sessions are energy healing, breath work, meditation, guided imagery and tarot.

Beth Leas, offers transformative healing experiences designed to inspire and support change on all levels: greater physical ease, deeper emotional freedom, clearer thinking and peace of mind, spiritual re-connection.

Contact Beth to schedule a healing session for what you can afford to pay.


Nedjma Sitadevi Belaid

Passionate about self-awareness and widening perspectives, I am continually mastering new and powerful tools for energy healing and transformative coaching.

Services offered:

Distance Shamanic Healing

As a solo treatment or to boost your coaching, allow yourself to let go of blocks and energies that no longer serve, ready for emerging out newly refreshed and empowered!

Uncover Coaching

I developed my coaching method called Uncover Coaching, that allows your power within to be revealed. By making space for creating the life you crave, you will Uncover the true you, creating more vibrancy, light, and energy. There is a world of possibility ahead. Allow yourself to seize it! 

Nedjma Sitadevi is a Shamanic Practitioner, and NLP Master Coach and Trainer. She is mastering the art of Communication as a Healing Tool, and can offer Flower Essences Healing and Intuitive Tarot Reading upon request. Nedjma Sitadevi is studying to become a Yogic Priestess with the Temple of Kriya Yoga.

Contact Nedjma Sitadevi to schedule the session of your choice for what you can afford to pay.

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Jennifer Faye Colombo

Art Experiences That Nourish Your Soul

Services offered:

30-45 minute Creative session

(no art experience needed)

Option 1: Guided Meditation followed by creativity (we will use whatever art supplies you have sound the house: crayons, pencils, markers, paints)
Option 2: Creativity for Relaxation.  Again with anything you have around the house, I will guide you through different ways to create while listening to various pieces of music.  This one can be done with your children.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or for more info.  We will decide together what we will use in session based on what you have in the house.

Jen is a artist, creative guide and affirmation deck co-creator.  She uses art as a form of meditation, a way to decompress and de-stress, and a tool to help move stagnant emotions and raise their vibration.

Contact Jen to schedule the session of your choice for what you can afford to pay.

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Carrie Brady

Possibilities Farm

Services offered:

Pegasus Guided Meditation (30 minutes)

Connect with the spirit of horses to find balance, peace, and inspiration.

Horse Wisdom Coaching (60 minutes) 

Gain a unique perspective and powerful insights in conversation with a herd of horses

Energy Healing with the Herd (30 minutes)

Experience reiki, along with the beautiful energy healing offered by horses

Carrie Brady is a reiki master certified in equine experiential education and a management consultant/coach who is passionate about helping people to recognize their unique strengths and gifts and to awaken new possibilities in themselves and their lives by looking through the eyes of a horse.

Contact Carrie to schedule the session of your choice      for what you can afford to pay.

203-803-8333 or


Nalini God

Service offered:

Shamanic Divination Session

Passionate about communication, Nalini excels at healing with deep compassion and transformative language. She includes Flower Essences and Tarot Divination in unique and powerful Shamanic sessions to help you clear blocks and gain more clarity.

Nalini also serves as a business consultant for spiritual entrepreneurs, assisting in defining and structuring their business to be impactful and profitable. 

Nalini is a lover of life.  An experienced Shamanic Practitioner and Intuitive, Nalini is fascinated by Shamanism and Self-Mastery, consistently increasing her skill through committed study and service to humanity. She is a Senior Student and Personal Assistant to Medicine Woman Ahalya Running Deer through The Mystery School of Self-Mastery and Shamanism.

Introductory Session:  What you can afford to pay.  
Full Session (1.5 Hours): $100
Three Full Sessions: $250 ($50 Saving)

Contact Nalini to schedule the session of your choice.  
Phone: 585.469.4581


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Debby Stein

Debby's Energy

Services offered:

Distant Linking Energy Session

Connect with Spirit to provide an extensive informational report and a distant healing session.
Distant Linking Intuitive Coaching Session

An interactive phone session enabling the client to ask questions and receive informational healing.

Debby, a Reiki Master who is trained in Healing Touch and Integrative Energy Therapy, specializes in holding the space for clients to be seen & heard as their energetic fields are balanced and intuitive guidance is shared.

Contact Debby to schedule the session of your choice for what you can afford to pay.

Call 203 353-1725 (this is a land line, please leave name and call back #) or email

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Linda Vaccaro

Services offered:

Distance Reconnective Healing Session

(30 minutes)

Reconnective Healing gives you access to an inner awareness with a vibrational resonance that promotes emotional stability, strength, brainpower, wisdom, and physical vitality.  When you access this spectrum of Energy, Light & Information, it creates a chain of events that can greatly enhance and improve all aspects of your life – health, career, relations, abundance…Seemingly unreachable potential becomes reality.

Zilis CBD/CBG products at discounted prices

Our bodies naturally produce our own endogenous (self-made) cannabinoid hormones that act on receptors we have throughout every system in our body (Endocannabinoid System).  When our bodies become deficient in cannabinoids our health suffers.  Are you experiencing anxiety during this difficult time?  CBD has been scientifically proven to help. CBG has been shown to support immune function, slows bacterial growth, reduce oxidative stress, and is anti-fungal.

Linda is a Reconnective Healing Certified Practitioner and an Independent Zilis CBD/CBG distributor #7147465.

Contact Linda to schedule a session for what you can afford to pay or to purchase CBD/CBG products. or 914-391-4956


Dr. Jill Capalbo

Capalbo Chiropractic and Wellness Center

Services offered:

Distance Shamanic Healing Session

As a shaman, through drumming techniques, Dr Jill journeys for the client and works with compassionate, loving, kind spirit teachers to bring healing to the client.

Distance Reiki Session

Reiki healing releases stress, balances your energy, strengthens your immune system and awakens your ability to heal. 

Dr. Jill is a body worker with over 33 years experience. She is a Graduate of The Swedish Institute and a Doctor of Chiropractic for over 23 years. She holds an advanced degree as a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician  from New York Chiropractic College and a White Certificate in Shamanic Healing from the Foundation of Shamanic Studies. She is also a Reiki Master.

Contact Dr. Jill through her website to schedule a session for what you can afford to pay.


Carol Shwidock MA, OTR, RYT

Harmony Yoga Studio

Service offered:

Yoga Therapy Online

Therapeutic Yoga happens when the yoga therapist stimulates the client's own healing process. It is a partnership in healing and can happen in a one-on-one environment or a class setting.

Carol Shwidock has been teaching Kripalu Yoga (the yoga of compassion) since 1/04. She has additional certifications in 5 Elements Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and many others. Currently she has completed her first year in Meridian Flow Yoga which incorporates Chinese Medicine and Yoga. Carol was an Occupational Therapist for 25 years specializing in Adult Rehabilitation. She has witnessed yoga healing students with back pain, anxiety, depression, shoulder injuries, IBS and neurological disorders as well. 

Contact Carol to schedule an online Yoga Therapy session for what you can afford to pay.